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01 July Canada Day Celebrations

On Canada Day I often try to connect with close friends to wish them a happy celebration

as we all consider our levels of gratitude for careers, families, homes, and friends.

I try to this year, but I want to share some news.

Recently, I self-published memoir Essences of Tongcheng about my work in English as Foreign Language in Toncheng, Anhui Province in China from 2016 to 2018 today and sent by AirMail

two copies of memoir to Jie Tongcheng Teachers College who assisted in providing photographs of college where I worked and also their new College built during my tenure. Before going to China,

I did study skills to teach but along with this bring to China my experiences writing free verse during my day and getting physical exercise during my difficult recovery from recent workplace injuries.

One individual who taught for many years in South Korea and friend and colleague to my own son who now runs his school in Bundang, South Korea as well as crafting English as Foreign or Second Language teaching tools discussed with my belief that methods of learning drafted into vignettes of real-life experiences into conversational lessons may be creative method of teaching. His friend supported me and now involves himself in his own creative work, while my son remains doubtful. I took the position in Tongcheng to teach conversational English!

Here is the list of International Book Fairs for Essences of Tongcheng

Beijing International Book Fair June 19-23, 2024;

American Library Annual Conference June 27 - July 02, 2024

Frankfurt, Germany International Book Fair October 16-20, 2024

Guadalajara, Mexico International Book Fair November 30 - December 08, 2024

London, UK International Book Fair 2025

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