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Family Printer and Easter Celebrations

Our Family Printer and Easter Holidays

Sometimes Easter created this fantastic place to explode my home with hiding coloured foil covered, small chocolate eggs to celebrate amazing holiday and making Easter Sunday incredible even more so than any other. True treasures of Easter abound with too much chocolate for my young family of four boys who enjoyed trashing around collecting Easter eggs in their home spun hunts requiring either homemade baskets or more traditional multi coloured woven style. After, I used to sit and contemplate my wisdom in this extraordinary exciting morning with effects of too much chocolate before breakfast, with breakfast and any cereal desired amongst pancakes and syrup.

If possible we stole out of chaotic mess of foil and breakfast to attend church, and Sunday Schools or

other celebrations. Easter holidays amuck with family always present, but we also visit our own and enjoy Easter ham dinners once in awhile each year. If no invitation, pleasant ham dinner with scalloped-potatoes excited us all into anticipating great food together.

Although my Easter celebration today evolves into being alone at home with my own activities, I decide this week to investigate our family laser printer history to determine prognosis. I purchase my compact Samsung beauty during three high school careers when approximate one hundred dollar price tag shows up like extravangance to oldest now off doing his dream when each of three teenage students utilize our home printer for their high school papers and essays or projects. I used to pinch myself as long projects printed out knowing refills to inkjets in near future with heafty forty dollar price tag willing myself not to complain. Owning this printer meant keeping up with modern day school supplies, when even paying September fees stretched our limited budget.

This week, no laser ink refills known to be for sale gave me quiet, alone pause to feel gratitude for being able to pay for and maintain our family laser printer. Happy Easter everyone!

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