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Updated: Jun 15


Patrick arranges trip with Justin to travel together by car to pack-up each of their personal belongings. They came about 8 p.m. after purchasing boxes and packing-tape from Home Depot --we enjoyed a cup of tea--first tea party from large Saskatchewan orange lily teapot. Saturday each spent morning packing after our Ulster-Fry breakfast of bacon, potatoes and egg with oatmeal porridge too. Patrick invites us to lunch at nearby Indian restaurant with 4.5 stars located down the street from my home--A-okay--and next we drove to Rattlesnake point to hike, and even saw rattlesnake curled up near large rock. We played card game, rummy that evening after Patrick cooked us steak and onions with salad and his homemade salad dressing. Earlier we stop off at local Safeway because Patrick insists on buying me some milk, and lemon, romaine lettuce, garlic, miniature tomatoes - I had no milk in my refrigerator and was choosing powder soy substitute. Meal with glass of juice in nice stem glasses with steak and salad on china plates tickles Patrick who next day wonders if breakfast can be served on same plates. Our steaks taste great. Sunday after our Ulster-Fry of sausages and potatoes, they pack up their car-share vehicle, a subaru, and depart at 10:30 am. for their respective homes four to six hours away.

Soon I take summer retreat to Saskatchewan and continue refurbishment of Homestead. In background original garage and tool shop now becomes my garage and art studio. Stay tuned.

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