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Taking back empty beverage containers after collecting them over winter months requires

complete concentration as this task seems like messy and oppressive. Odd enough rain began to fall as I began sorting at my station at local recycling centre but I persist to sort. Then one of centre's male staff members, younger, nice looking guy passes by and asks if he can help as he picks up one of my full black large packed full bag of empties..I call them my empties as each day as I walk up to 12 kilometres I practice this hobby of taking my plastic bag from home with me in my pocket and if I see an empty beverage container pick up the trash and store in my bag until I return home. At home this task becomes even more challenging as neighbors tend to shun my practice even though environmental fitting, and so I hide my large garbage bags away behind lawn furniture or in my car until I arrive at local Return Depot.

Further, I must backtrack to almost ten years ago and counting when I began as something to do to recover from my really bad shoulder injury and thought bending and picking up helpful and strength building. At that time my imagination did not include acquiring $600 and able to open a savings account. At the bank the bank staff quizzed me on where this money came from, and I must admit I looked kind of rough around the edges in my daily grime of workout sweats and backpack. So she gave me even new card after explaining my hobby of collecting. In the total result this cash awarded me a new credit card which I financed my home with as during my recovery my worker's insurance ran out after two years, so I was flat broke and my monthly costs added up to $500 each month plus food.

So on Saturday, my cash from returns amounted to$27 after four months of collecting. I do not work very hard at this any more as I am able to return to partime job but I do pick up empties each day, and I use this cash now to pay my taxes on my seasonal summer home that add up to $110. In the past I needed the $600 as cash to travel to China for employment. Being creative comes with some challenges and not many in my community support me in any respectful fashion, but at the post office or at the local Return Deport I enjoy universal acceptance. Good Collecting! Maulo

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For any friend

Apr 14, 2024

As I in past went through some similar events, one opportunity I discovered in my local paper was an invitation to attend Chronic Pain Self Management, and then as I had had a serious arthritic attack I qualified for Arthritis Self Management group, and found really terrific help with others; so much so that when in more recent past I was dealt the cruel blow of workplace injury became completely incapacitated; but do you know what...I went overseas for work; in Canada I do not even qualify for insurance any longer Good luck and may some kind messages and friends be in your near future. Maulo


Mar 13, 2024

Early on in DA, I was an injured worker; and sometimes had to spend time learning to drive over again, as I had to retake my DL due to an injured shoulder. One day I stopped on a lakeshore unofficial spot to sit on the rocks and watch others on the lake in their boats or even in groups not far away. I did see someone out on their boat and decided to memorialize this somewhat lonely experience of recovery and trying to connect with the community. I never did meet anyone this way of spending Saturdays or any day meeting anyone for any sort of meaningful connection other than the traditional and meaningless social experience. CRYSTAL CLEAR was an expression heard from Economics Professor in Year Two of my five year experience at university who asked the Class of second or first year students, "Now is that concept crystal clear." I never forgot.

My Trip Home to Ireland

Jan 5, 2024

Taking so much time to travel to Ireland carries its own burdens, but finally now able to travel; since beginning this quest I gain two great grandkids..While in Ireland I met someone helpful with directions to Enniskillen Cheese Factory coffee shop, who in fact was picking up folks this day in October from Saskatchewan, my first home province; he helps me get to the coffee shop, and buys me a treat and cappuccino as I wait for my cousin. I share my art and laugh about Cillian Murphy as I make art in name of Cillian too, and sometimes share same pages on searches. He shares he knows of Cillian Murphy's dad in Cork who is so generous at Christmas to take meals to homeless folks living in abandoned building going without. Merry Christmas everyone!

Losing Your Colleague

Dec 16, 2023

Does anyone know how to manage learning of a colleague's "passing away.?" Today, I attended the local community Church Christmas dinner event for everyone is invited at no charge, and as I have been absent from most of the regular events felt Christmas a great time to show my gratitude in friendships, and visit past colleagues. When I say colleagues I refer to a very wide variety of personalities who have been overcoming many personal challenges from losing jobs or as in my case developing a physical disability and requiring support at somewhat difficult locations, as in local mission with free meals. Eight years ago I walked in the door to the lineup waiting for breakfast and a woman turned to me to smile a greeting and offer a place in line. She introduced herself as "No Name" with title on small visor cap she wore about in Winnipeg and now in British Columbia. So I began to speak to NoName, and invite her to walk with me at local park I walked in each day for recovery exercises, or we met for cup of coffee and chat.

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