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Small Steps to Autumn!

For blessings with gratitudes, . . . but are with seeing two grandchildren playing together in

the park or sitting side-by-side. With Ada, 6 years, and Cillian, 3 years, all take walk to

playground to play on swings, teeter-totter and slide with climbing activities amusing us for

an hour. Deboned small fresh turkey is quick-cooking in open pan to roast and with bread

and spinach dressing on the side.

Meanwhile, two books, written since returning from China in 2018, describe relationships and with journals of lifestyle as their English as foreign language teacher working two years abroad in Province of Anhui, China.

Essences of Tongcheng, memoir novel, written in prose, and sharing stories with B/W photographs.

Horizons in Tongcheng, the memoir of journals from free-verse poetry, and sharing relationships with colour photographs and original collages of student names from their classroom paper name tags.

Wishing you good health and wellness into Autumn 2023.


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